What ?

Holapenos explores the culture of Food through stories, interviews, global conversations and experiences. This is the site for people who want to explore, eat & enrich lives.

Why ?

We aim to be the hub for news & information about the new culture of food across a multitude of media platforms. For a vibrant community of people who put food at their centre of lives.

When & How ?

Just another day between three friends, when they decided to get their sub sandwiches, “More jalapeños, please” they shouted in unison. That’s when their realised their love for jalapeños and wanted to spread out their love throughout.

And, Hola!– It’s an infectious word which will cause anyone enthusiased . Thus, Holapenos was born.

Just like pickled Jalapenos that’s tangy and bitter-sweet, this website will be your potpourri of life in every dimensions.

And, Who is they?

Mr. Chilli, is an entrepreneur, bonvivant and social activist. Loves to spice up every bland thing around, Critic but never a cynic. On a lighter note, He calls himself a sapiosexual.

Ms Olive, is an MBA grad who is fond of imploring her management hacks on every paragon she comes across. A classical dancer by passion, will talk more about arts,culture and life, who recently waved Hasta la Vista to her banking career, just to paint her dreams with vibrant colours.

Mr Cheese , a graduating student who is inseperable from his camera and the next time you see someone shouting “Cheese” with a camera in his hand, you address him as Mr Cheese. A budding photoeditor, whose editing skills create a buzz among his friends. Stay tuned for those mesmerizing pictures.

Also, Look out for recurring bloggers : Ms Tealeaf, PostcardsfromKolkata.

What else do you need to stay tuned with us? 😉