It was a long wait. Yes, a long wait to see J.K.Rowling’s magic on the big screen again but it was totally worth it. Oh yes, this article does contain spoilers. All those people who did not watch the movie yet, STAY AWAY.

From the moment the teasers and posters started trickling inside social media, Harry Potter fans around the world waited with bated breaths to once again get mesmerized by the magical world. What they did not know was that, they were in for a surprise. This prequel happens in the 1920’s and follows the adventure of the author/magizoologist Newt Scamander in the then New York. Armed with just a suitcase that is home to myriad magical creatures, he is in for a shock when he steps onto New York. We get to know what happens to the magical suitcase as we embark on a magical ride with Newt Scamander along with his two witch friends and a no-maj (Apparently, that is how Americans call muggles). The journey that awaits Newt, surprises us, just like his bewildered expression with that breathtaking side grin. (All thanks to Eddie Redmayne!)

Grindelwald. Yes you heard me right. That bad wizard who terrorized people before Voldemort has a role to play in this story, which is, to create havoc among peaceful human beings. Who better than Johnny Depp to play Grindelwald? Yes. Johnny Depp as Grindelwald. How cool is that?

Be sure to walk down the memory lane when you hear words like “Hogwarts” and “Dumbledore”. Hold your breath when you hear the familiar tune of Hogwarts theme. Pat yourself on the back and be proud about being a witch or a wizard when you get a magical reference while watching the movie. With the amazing VFX that the movie contains, you are bound to feel enthralled and bewitched after watching it and yes, there are more movies to come that follows this enchanting prequel.

Be amazed!